Celebrate Recovery Sponsor Agreement

5 Dec , 2020 Uncategorized

I met friends through a healing and convalescent class, and invited them to accompany me in a group of 12 levels that I was leading. Since I had several years of recovery under my belt and the “conversation was running” when we arrived at the 4th and 5th stage (in reference to the spiritual inventory), all three asked me to sponsor them. I said yes. We were all involved later in the therapeutic process. At one point (it became a bit organic), my relationship with each of my spons lakes began to change from a sponsor/sponsee relationship to more than one catch friendship. My sponse lakes knew that I was a little further in the experience of life and healing, and allowed me to tell the truth in their lives. They were attached to the growth process, but at the same time I realized that I was not able to wear the hats of a sponsor and a friend at the same time. I was in a place where I needed and was willing to give support more through friendships than through formal sponsorship in these three relationships. I continued to have other relationships with people who talked primarily about my life as mentors and sponsors. In both friendships and sponsorship, limits must be set. Some are set in advance. Setting the limit in advance is particularly important for sponsorship.

(Celebrate Recovery recommends the use of the sponsorship agreement.) In friendships, these boundaries sometimes develop slowly. If you identify with the same recovery area to understand specific sponsorship, you will make the decision to fully expose your own needs to the advantage and growth of another. This is the difference between the friend and the sponsor. In a healthy friendship, there is the gift and the taking – each has his back to the other, and they stop each other when it is difficult. So if someone asks you to sponsor them, ask yourself: can I give of myself to this person who expects nothing personal in return? Your answer will tell you if you would be a best friend to her or a better sponsor. A good sponsor for the sponsee relationship is completely giving life to the Sponsee. This is what makes it such a powerful relationship and can therefore be decisive for growth. It`s by the victim. Take part in meetings and events together. The healing process is based on the sponsor, I have to pray for my sponsor need: I recently had a long-term healing friend go through another 4th step (spiritual inventory) asking me to be a sponsor.

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