White Chocolate Bread Pudding 8.5
topped with warm Bourbon caramel sauce

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Pie 8.5
cappuccino & vanilla bean gelato, graham cracker crust topped with melted chocolate

Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie 8.5
served with chocolate sauce and vanilla bean gelato

Warm Chocolate & Banana Cake 8.5
with vanilla bean gelato

Key Lime Pie 8.5
topped with a fresh blackberry compote sauce

– Our Café-

Espresso 3
double 3.25

Cappuccino 3.5
double 3.75

Latte 3.75
double 4

Espresso Mocha 4
double 4.25

Hot Chocolate 3
Hot Tea


Chef Israel ‘Izzy’ Balderas • Sous Chef Martin Bernardino